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Seuls les Russes voteraient pour Trump...

L'article ci-dessous est intéressant à mettre en perspective après l'élection de Trump.

Dans les pays du G20, les peuples soutiennent Clinton, sauf en Russie

Si l’élection présidentielle américaine se tenait dans les pays du G20, la candidate démocrate à la présidentielle Hillary Clinton l’emporterait sur son rival républicain Donald Trump. C’est ce qui ressort d’un sondage réalisé par YouGov pour le compte du journal Handelsblatt auprès de 20 000 adultes dans chacun des 20 pays les plus riches. Il n’y a guère qu’en Russie que la préférence est donnée au magnat de l’immobilier new-yorkais. Sans surprise, les plus grands supporters de Clinton sont les Mexicains. Trump a en effet promis que s’il devient président, il fera édifier un mur de 3 200 km de long à la frontière des États-Unis avec le Mexique, pour empêcher l’entrée de migrants mexicains clandestins.

Sources : YouGov, The Economist.


Now that American voters are drawing a clearer outline of November’s presidential contest, the rest of the world’s opinion about who should become the next president of the United States is also turning crystal-clear. With a couple of notable exceptions, the verdict is all-but unanimous: Just about everywhere, people want Hillary Clinton to replace President Obama.

That is the undeniable and overwhelming impression one hears when exploring opinions in different parts of the globe. I heard it asking individuals of a wide variety of backgrounds while traveling in several countries. But don’t take my word for it.



A recent poll of people in 20 countries — the G20 group of the world’s largest economies — confirmed it. In all the countries polled, Clinton beat Trump by wide margins. The only exception was Russia, where Trump beats Hillary by more than 20 points when pollsters asked whom they want to see as the next U.S. president. In China, there’s ambivalence.

Everywhere else, Clinton outpolled Trump by enormous margins : in Mexico she beat him by 54 percent, in South Korea by 37, in France by 30, in Japan by 27. The list goes on with similar results from South America to East Asia.

Now that it seems increasingly like the election will pit Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump, the whole world is really watching, and the overwhelming reaction is widespread rejection of Trump in most quarters, along with palpable enthusiasm for the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

The distinct sentiment I encountered matches the findings of another survey in which pollsters asked Europeans how they would feel if each of the top candidates won the election. Europeans chose Hillary Clinton as their favorite by a landslide. The main feelings they predicted for themselves if Hillary Clinton becomes president : relieved, optimistic, happy. If Trump wins : afraid, disappointed, sad.

I found that combination of anticipation and apprehension in conversations in Arab states, where I was surprised to see positive sentiment for Hillary not only among women, which I expected, but also among men, and among people of all ages. I’ve heard the same in conversations with Asians, Europeans and Latin Americans.


Source : Miami Herald. Article de Frida Ghitis.


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